Friday, 14 November 2014

Where we will go

We have a preference for staying rather than running, for being among people more than looking in, for eating as locals rather than being waited on.

In Mexico City we will be right at the centre in this apartment rented via Airbnb - for a week. The apartment is in the Casa Borda, originally built by José de la Borda in the 1750s as a gift for his wife.


Then by bus to Guanajuato, a city with a history of fabled wealth, at the end of the 1500s producing 60% of the world's silver. There we will stay in this place rented via VRBO for nine nights.

We had never heard of Guanajuato, but it now beckons...


  1. Hi Dennis,
    I love your blog! You are a true scholar.
    Can you tell me if you have read the book "The Interior Circuit: A Mexico City Chronicle", it was published July 2, 2014, and is currently #13 in Books > Travel > Mexico > General
    The author, Francisco Goldman, wrote an article in the New Yorker in Dec 4th 2014: Crisis in Mexico: An Infrarrealista Revolution
    Crisis in Mexico: An Infrarrealista Revolution

  2. Thank you very much for connecting me to the writing of Francisco Goldman, Dave. I have begun reading. And will add to links on the right. And perhaps write about his work. It's refreshing to read.

    I'm a student far away, rather than a scholar. I know so little of Mexico. Just want to be able to understand the human side of life when we visit. Thanks again for writing. Your information and insights will be valuable if you write again..


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