Sunday, 31 May 2015

Saturday morning

We went out from our kitchen-home office, with its lightness and style

In Calle de Bolivar below, it was cleanup time at Burger King

In the evening the ATMs had big queues, not so in the morning... out in the morning quiet of Avenida Madero, a mother and daughter and friends meeting.

oh, and students asking to ask questions in English, dad ready to record the English.

This morning street tacos for breakfast on the Calle Motolina. This stall very clean and money handled only by a hand covered in plastic.

Followed by fresh orange juice.

Guys to say hello

Turning west onto the still-quiet-before 10am Calle Cinco de Mayo, named after this battle, a surprise victory briefly against invading France, when France thought the US preoccupation with civil war provided a chance to establish an empire in Mexico, which it did, briefly.

queueing required for more serious breakfast establishments up towards the Zocalo, heading for tourist-world

See, the cathedral at the end of the street.

I came in my other decade-old Rockports to be cleaned by Jorge-Luis, today his daughter Guadelupe was on roster at this family business

as I sat I saw that the young man in red pants was not touting a cafe but an artisanal gallery

Where we went and we found some interesting quality items, as well as an ex-actor who was minding the shop on his own, his wife away visiting her mother.

He said something which I needed to record... 
"Soy feliz (to be happy) is a style of life."
or rather, in English:
"The pursuit of happiness is a lifestyle choice" here is my career in toto as a film director. 

What could ever follow this performance.

Well... the answer to that question is of course to walk back to Avenida Madero, 
now the day is warming and the acts are arriving.

This at the Zocalo tourist end

and half way along the street, going west, families out

and the politics being ditched (perhaps by an opponent)... local elections 7 June.

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