Sunday, 31 May 2015

Saturday 2: Museo Estanquillo

On the way back home along Madero, we went into the Museo del Estanquillo, the museum of the little shop. So called because so many different things, surely also because the collector, a great writer and commentator of the 20th century, was a man of irony and good humour.

The contents of the museum pay tribute especially to Mexican love of prints; they also record popular political movements from a radical perspective. Here some works from the standing exhibition.

and up on the fourth floor, a special exhibition of photography by Pablo Méndez about people of the south

The identity of the Mexican people is a deep river that flows from the south.
From there radiate the waters of our remote past, and the flowering of the high mountains of our lasting culture:
multiethnicity, multilingualism, mixing of races and modernity.

this not a photo but compare the scene in the photo above

Read about the cultural and historical importance of corn here.

and up the stairs from the fourth floor to the roof and magic...

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