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To Cuban dancing via history and revolution... and on to Balderes Metro, Saturday after midday

Helen had read of the Cuban dancing in Jim Johnston's book.

We walked down Balderes from the Alameda.

When you look at these maps, remember Ms Google is a steadfast straightline walker with San Francisco legs and no plan to admire,  to let people go by on narrow footpaths, let alone go through the magic market areas before and the National Library after the dancing, on the way to the Metro. You will have to walk down this page, through life and history, beauty, magic, happiness and betrayals, to find out what happened on this day at Metro Balderas.

Come with us.

A tie? You want to buy that man a tie?

amidst all the wonderful fresh food stalls along the footpath, suddenly...
Having in Madero seen the dress up toy-figures, transformers, superheroes and more every afternoon
and suddenly this handsome, elegant, fit, flying addition to mulitculturalismo, multiethnicita...
He went  by at such speed, perhaps he was a
party surprise? 
aha, did you see that dressed up fellow, he came from there

A big day for a young lady and family [source wikipedia] The Rite of Confirmation

The Minister edit ]

In the Latin Church the ordinary minister of Confirmation is the bishop; but also validly administer this sacrament the priest endowed faculty of universal law or by special grant of the competent authority. The canon 883 indicates which priests who have this power by law are universal.
In the Catholic Church, and even in the eastern, the ordinary minister is the priest, using holy oil consecrated by the bishop or the patriarch ( canons 693-694 of the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches).

The subject edit ]

In the Latin Church "the sacrament of confirmation is to be administered to the faithful around the age of discretion , unless the Episcopal Conference determine another age, or there is danger of death or, in the opinion of the minister, one grave cause suggests otherwise "( Code of Canon Law, canon 891 ).

The sponsor edit ]

It is desirable that a godfather or a godmother who accompanies will be confirmed. It is an ancient custom of the Church, as in the case of baptism. Each confirmation must not have more than one godfather / godmother. 1
apart from showing this specialised kerbside stand, in the background is the station of the Metrobus,
 that runs in its own lanes. There is only one cross walk to access the station and
those waiting in it are well protected from passing traffic
 and so we approach three destinations 

having demonstrated 
how interesting it is to travel as well as arrive.
photo wikipedia

As often in life, 
the drawcard is not clearly on the map, so I have added a pin 
beside the monument in the park, which is where we found the dancers.

I really enjoy the business to going on foot and seeing up close. And so easy to enter into conversations i Mexico. But it's then amazing again to come home, get online and discover so much more about where you've been. It seems easier after you've had a look. Let me share some of my research about this little walk with you.

The monument is to the hero José Maria Morelos, who very successfully led independence forces for a time after the capture of Miguel Hidalgo... until his own capture and execution in 1815. These two were indeed 'troublesome priests'. In English history, compare the famous in history and drama 'Murder in the Cathedral' in 1146. How sluggishly English history goes! Morelos was not executed here but taken to a corner of the State of Mexico where his forces had headquartered themselves in haciendas. Read the passionate account at the wikipedia entry for the town of Ecatepec

On the map, you will see the Morelos park wedged between the market La Cuidadela and the National Library [Biblioteca]. La Cuidadela translates as The Citadel. What is marked on the map as the National Library building was constructed between 1793 and 1807 as New Spain's Royal Tobacco Factory. During the war of independence, it became a military headquarters and gaol, hence La Cuidadela. Morelos was held here after his capture. A century later this gaol would feature in the coup against first-after-the-1910-revolution President Francisco Madero. His opponents ex-President Diaz and Huerta besieged the Citadel. I have not for myself unravelled what happened on the ground but you can research the Ten Tragic Days [la decena tragica] here. Huerta had Diaz's support, Diaz had the support of the establishment and of the United States. The document that would bring Huerta to the presidency is known at the Covenant of the Citadel and also as the Covenant of the Embassy, signed at the US Embassy. It withdraw recognition of the Madero Government. Huerta promised Madero safe passage to Cuba, but then had him killed. 

And so today, what is there here?

Here we first came to the bright market.

This smiling gentleman and his wares come from Guanajuato, Guanjuato, where we next travel. 

Barcelona the football club.
We had a fun moment, this man proudly putting on a pose in his new purchase, 
his family also taking photos
This tree has lived through such history, its broad roots keep it in place as history and earthquakes shake.
The bright building is La Cuidadela market. behind me the Morelos monument... and the dancing.

Charly, the manager of this weekly event, came and brought is wife also to meet us.
Charming people, lovely lively community.

A man deep in thought, writing and writing.
Behind him the dancing, to the right of the dancing the Morelos monument.
He seems not a wealthy man but surely a rich mind, such concentration.

and across the street we enter the Biblioteca Nacional 'Jose Vasconcelos'

and we find a family taking photos of each other in front of photos of Octavio Paz.

and I have a wonderful image in reds to capture:
the departing Cuban dancer, she must have been well over 80
and the captivated workers

and in this quiet corner when I turn around, a couple in love
... crowded cities do not provide great opportunities for privacy,
they have done well.

in the park area south of the Library, many deaf people meeting and signing
and of course, tacos.

Across Calle Balderas, two images of environmental policy and practice
a living wall and the metrobus sailing away from its station
 ... and so we arrive at Metro Balderas, in this place of big history about to become small personal history...

The trains were crowded, the platform crowded, I continued my snap happy life... we got to the front, ready to board the next train. You stand, a belch of people exit, you bash in, you find yourself in a rugby scrum in intensity and force, Helen does not fit, so you both exit. The train departs.
is he part of the coming event?

I capture the rubber wheel technology
The vertical wheel on flat surface.
Horizontal wheels against guiding rails either side.
As introduced in Paris in the 1961s.
 Train arriving.

and this next shot must have been of the crowded moment when my wallet departed the side pocket of my cargo pants. We had allowed ourselves to be swept forward into a classic situation of crowded danger, enjoying every moment. The seduction of A Bridge Too Far. No Robert Redford would have saved the day... In crisis, the day must proceed among the possibles, Mr Redford.

We reported the loss to a policeman (another story to follow, it's ok).. and now we had a two kilometre high altitude walk to get back to the apartment and use Skype to cancel tarjeta credito and phone account.

But must get a couple of photos on the way...

ah México, México, what a day...  aiyaiyai

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