Sunday, 7 June 2015

Guanajuato 8: Forma y Colores

Helen went out for a walk after lunch and discovered some amazing laneways, came back and eventually dragged me away from the blogging to come see.

Our Casa Azul is the L-shaped piece of orange cake at the mid left.

Over towards the right, between the Templo and the Plaza de San Fernando is a block of houses with eyes and mouths saying 'O'.

It is in fact a maze of wonder, let's follow Helen!

Most of the earlier photos are Helen's, mine later.

and now some of mine

He said they were from D.F.
I said we liked D.F.
He said he was fed up with D.F.
I said it was very nice for a week.
He agreed.

very similar cameras
Helen's is an Olympus E-PL1 with kit 14-42 lens
zoom flexibility but a bit slower than mine as it fusses over focus

My camera E-P1, similar body to Helen's
with fixed 14mm pancake lens,
faster but all wide angled shots.
In the past I've done post-processing of photos
but apart from cropping some museum labels
everything in this blog is straight as came from camera.

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