Thursday, 4 June 2015

Riding into the sunset... to Guanajuato

After a busy day of visits to the US Embassy by 3.30 in the afternoon I had a visa in my Emergency Australian Passport... and next day first thing we have been to a photocopy shop and made copies of passports and no longer will take the passports out walking.

Onwards to Terminal Autobuses del Norte, one of several major bus terminals in Mexico City, this, obviously, serving the north.

In the taxi, of course, an intense interrogation from the driver.
Did you like Mexico City?
Did you go to Frida's house? Did you go to Coyoacan? No? ... sighh
Did you go to the anthropology museum? No? Siigghhh
Did you go to los pyramides? NO??? 
pero, señor, nos fuimos al museo nacional, al S.E.P, al Museo Idelfonso, al Zocalo, al Catedral, al Templo San Francisco, a la Casa Azulejos, al Palacio de Bellas Artes, al Palacio de Correo, al Museo Estanquilla, y mas y mas... y hablamos a mucha gentes agradable
You are going to Guanajuato? Guanajuato es muy muy bonito.
Guanajuato por una semana??? No, no, Guanajuato is a small place, you do not need a week, just three days.
Señor, somos Australianos, pero no somos canguros
We are not those tourists who want to hop here, hop there, we like to stay in a place and absorb it.


Long distance bus transport in Mexico is luxurious and efficient. It was a great way to ride out of town and on through the high plateau of central Mexico. Departing 5pm, arriving Guanajuato 9.40pm. Some photos here, some in next entry.

Sala 1, Primera Plus

before you board you select your drink and snack item

as does the driver
friendly safety instructions before the movies

only five passengers, his and her spotless toilets at the back, but bring own paper

through busy streets towards highway

forty minutes from the north terminal to begin to leave the city
Toro y orugas

There was a police car nearby, I don't know who else would stop here on this toll highway!

a high proportion of traffic is trucking

suddenly and briefly could be in Australia

a lot of machinery saleyards

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