Thursday, 4 June 2015

Riding into the sunset to guanajuato - part 3

The highway traffic clogs as we approach Querétaro, Querétaro.

In 1996, the historic center of Querétaro was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.Querétaro has repeatedly been recognized as the metro area with the best quality of life and as the safest city in Mexico[4] and also as the most dynamic in Latin America.[2][5] It is a strong business and economic centre [6][7] and a vigorous service city that is experiencing an ongoing social and economic revitalization.Querétaro has seen an outstanding industrial and economic development since the mid 1990s. Querétaro metropolitan area has the 2nd highest GDP per capita among Mexico's metropolitan areas with 20,000 USD afterMonterrey. The city is the fastest-growing in the country, basing its economy to IT and data centers, logistics services, aircraft manufacturing and maintenance, call centers and manufacturing center for automotive and machinery industry, chemicals and food products. [wikipedia]

At the entrance to the city a monument to Conin.
Conín (also known by his Christian name Fernando de Tapia) was a native Mexican of the Otomi people, who helped theSpaniards conquer territories in the central part of Mexico during the 16th century.
In 1521, the Spanish arrived in México, and soon conquered indigenous populations all over the country. Cristobal de Olid entered the Querétaro region the following year. Although the arrival of Spaniards was generally met with resistance by the indigenous cultures, the Otomí people aligned themselves with the Spaniards and fought beside them to defeat the Aztecs living in the Querétaro region. As a demonstration of loyalty, the Otomi leader Conin converted to Roman Catholicism between the years 1522 and 1526 and changed his name to Fernando de Tapia.[1] In 1531 the city of Santiago de Querétaro was planned by Juan Sánchez de Alaniz and Conin.[2] 

The government had planned a very fast train service from D.F. to Queretaro but this has been dumped in the 2015 budget because of revenue decrease because of the price of oil... and also because the President and Finance Minister have been accused of favourable real estate dealings with companies associated with the winning tender. The tender process also had become whiffy. Conin can't help.

and onwards ... the sun setting at about 8.30pm

we hit a bump!

... soon ...

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