Wednesday, 3 June 2015

our apartment on Calle de Bolivar

We are at the very centre of the city, a whole world within walking distance at any moment and in our view, far more interesting than affluent and trendy areas dropped into in the last several days.

The apartment building is part of the Casa Borda, built in the 1730s, beautifully restored in recent years.

Our apartment is called the Vestry and is a part of what was the Borda family's private reception room. To reach it one passes through an anteroom where the priest would have robed and heard the confessions of the master. I spent some time here, but no mesajes from the past. All scrubbed and renewed.

for the tenth and far from last time: can I come in?

rooftop view
 from km.cero Abril 2013

This is in the entrance to the building
to draw to attention to the way dust is evertwhere.
A huge city on rich volcanic soil with eternal spring climate.

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