Friday, 5 June 2015


Yesterday alone I transferred about 2gb of photos and film from camera to computer.

So far behind, but I've never really understood how busy people write memoirs.

There is much important to record. Not least of the wonderful house we are staying in in Guanajuato... and this lovely small city itself. Muy, muy bonito, si señora, es muy bonito. Everyone asks what we think of the place. It's wonderful.

... homeless
I'm working on a film, there was a succession of musical moments – religious, modern, traditional as
the – as night came last night. At about nine we decided to go out to see the gig taking place just down the street. I already had some film from the house, full of the music, but we needed to see...

on going out the door lock froze, we could not turn it as we should have been able, to open it. We were outside for the night. We fortunately had information at google drive and the internet shop on the corner was open... and wonderful Nancy the house manage came down to see the situation, and take us to a hotel for the night.

In the night from our hotel room this was the view... and by the middle of the cool, still night the city was silent.... except for the occasional single fireworks bang.

... and these are for Stephen.
Olympus E-P1, F14, auto-exposures 1.6 to 3 seconds.
The moon is full.

In the morning...

Coming out of Mexico City we had in fact seen many hills with housing in such bright colours.
What distinguishes Guanajuato from other great colonial cities is its location in a narrow valley,
at one time producing more than half the world's silver.
So there is also the vast wealth which has given the city cultural assets
assuring it its place in the hearts of Mexicans and the heritage register of UNESCO

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