Wednesday, 10 June 2015

nuestra última noche en guanajuato.. last drinks and more

We went out at 9 for dinner and walked on through the town.

out the front door and look right down Calle Roque
El Templo San Roque on the left

walk down the hill, look back at our Casa Azul at the corner of Galarza
the copying shop downstairs still looking after students
late in the evening

in the plaza in front of San Roque

down the hill into the Jardin Reforma

dine in the Jardin Reforma

walk back up past San Roque

and on towards...

Plaza San Fernando with its restaurants

and head down to Avenida Benito Juarez
... Benito Juarez, such a man, such an example of Mexico

past fine things

past the legislative building and up towards the
Plaza de la Paz and the Basilica

buy the gelato and sit here

these guys come to get gelatos too

and then we get to meet the family from Chiapas

pass the basilica

look down El Truco, remember lunch at #7

and down to the action at the Jardin Union
with Pipila looking down from the hill and a car going by in one of the underground roads...
That's exactly where we came to the surface in Guanajuato a week ago.
It's extraordinary coming into town through narrow tunnels made with mine digging equipment, arriving at a crossroads underground, cars and buses giving way. 

the air now cool and breezy

the youth of the population evident

the churrigueresco of San Diego, doors shut

poses with a strange figure outside Teatro Juarez, built during the 'Porfiriato' of
Porfirio Diaz, such a combination of dictator, reformer, determinedly modern

both times we passed by the Plaza de la Paz she was sitting thinking

such finery, such attendants.
We see these women, one at a time only, escorted, dressed so
... but we don't know what is celebrated

You see (or I see) the big blue sign WC and duck in.
Pay $MEX5 for the privilege and a supply of paper
while one's consort gets to watch Tom and Jerry

Days in the window and not taken home!

restaurants pack up

we head back up through San Fernando

swinging through the Plaza San Roque we catch the last musical moment of the evening.
Yes, ragged and tired; the Mariachi band has led this audience 
all around the town for a couple of hours, probably paying and signing on at the Jardin Union.

and back up Calle San Roque to our Blue House at #7

... and to go back to the beginning, 
this video below
was our first intriguing look at Guanajuato.

No one in Australia we knew had heard of Guanajuato.

I showed this video to people and over time I began to feel it had to be
a bit fake, it had to be a gloss, it had to overstate.

But no, this is really very much the place we found
 and it's a good place
for you to start...

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