Wednesday, 4 February 2015

in memoriam: Rochelle Cashdan, Guanajuato blogger

Great value in research before travel!

I've discovered that there is a host of blogger participants in Guanajuato. The first I came across and the most rewarding so far is that of Rochelle Cashdan who brings to the task an air of cheeky maturity and a perception of the world with which I feel comfortable (she is an anthropologist gone to writing, where I am anthropology-trained, but variously gone to seed) and a readiness to provide through her blog very current interesting news of events in Guanajuato.

Also a link to read the blog of Benjamin Arredondo wherein interesting social and historical commentary and a wealth of information.

11 June 2015: We wrote to Rochelle to say we would love to lunch, but no reply. Later have just learned that Rochelle died shortly before our arrival in Guanajuato following surgery in the USA.

Rochelle remains, with her smile, with her evident intelligent, warm curiosity for life, an exemplar of what we hoped to find and what we did find in Guanajuato. And on the evidence of her blog, we think she found good life in Guanajuato. Thank you Rochelle.

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